Wednesday, 27 June 2012

One year since Egg Collection. Our boy has existed a year!

I thought perhaps it was about time that I continued a little with this blog.  Why today? Well, it's exactly a year since our miracle boy was created in that little petri-dish.  I cannot believe that a year has gone by since Egg Collection.

I think the title of the blog may need to be altered as we are no longer waiting for Stanley but we have him right here (this is why I made the web address minus the 'waiting' part, in the hope that one day we would no longer be waiting!).  It is going to take me a lot of catching up since he is now 14 weeks old, but I'm sure you can appreciate that it has been a very busy 14 weeks!

Newly born, the happiest moment of my entire life:

So, what have we, as a family of three, been up to?

After Stanley came home we had a huge influx of visitors for the first four weeks.  In fact, I don't think we had a day to ourselves for a long time.  It was great seeing how much everyone loves Stanley, how much everyone else has wanted and waited for him almost as much as us!

Here's a summary of Stanley's first few months:

Two days old: Stanley had his first trip out in the pram to post a birthday card. He had his first bath and daddy had made it too cold so he screamed the place down.  He enjoys his baths now!
Three days old: He met his very special auntie for the first time.
Four days old: We went into town and Stanley was oggled at by many a passer-by.
Five days old: We took him to our drama group's AGM! He came away with so many presents - a properly spoiled little boy!
10 days old: We met up with my bump buddy friend and baby (who was born the day before Stanley!)
12 days old: We did Stanley's first footprints

Two weeks old: His great-auntie bought him his jungle-gym playmat

19 days old: Stanley visits his grandma's resting place in the sling with his daddy
22 days old: Stanley was made official!
29 days old: Stanley's first proper smile, which I just happened to catch on camera!

I finally got discharged from the midwife at 29 days due to the feeding problems I was having (and continued to have up until 8 weeks!).  Bacterial infection, thrush... you name it.  But we ploughed through it all, mainly through sheer determination and will-power.  I said many times how I would have rather experienced labour or contractions again as the soreness from my nipples was that bad. I'm sure I'll write a post on breastfeeding at some point.

Aged 1 month:

In his second month Stanley has also been very busy! This month he:

5 weeks: took his boat for a sail in the local pond. It got stuck and daddy had to wade in to rescue it. He weighed 8lb13oz and he visited mummy and daddy's place of work, much to the pleasure of the staff and students.

6 weeks: Stanley brought his first painting home from baby social (his hand and footprints!), stayed on his own with grandad while I went to the dentist and he got his first cold! He weighed 9lb 6oz.

7 weeks: He visited school again and generally suffered with his cold. He also got his swing, which was a brilliant investment.

8 weeks: Stanley weighed 10lb 4oz this week and had his first waterbabies session. He even swam underwater! He also had his first jabs.  I felt awful in that I didn't get upset that he was in pain.  I perhaps felt that I should as my baby was suffering! I also met with a brilliant lactation consultant who helped with the feeding no end!

9 weeks: We went to waterbabies again and to the seaside for fish and chips afterwards. We also started baby massage which was great! This week we went on Stanley's first little holiday with our Drama group!

10 weeks: Stanley started to hit his toys on the baby gym and started sucking at his fists. We went to the farm to meet up with some BaBs girls and their babies and children. We also celebrated Stanley's great-grandad's 80th birthday and the Golden Jubilee.

11 weeks: This week was half term and we took Stanley swimming so that both of us could get in with him. He was such a good boy!

12 weeks: Stanley and I spent a lot of time this week working on a scrapbook for M's first Father's Day. Lucky M! Stanley weighed 11lb11oz this week. We also went to see the olympic torch! Stanley cried as it went past.

Father's Day:

13 weeks: It was daddy's birthday too this week - lots more presents and cards for M! We also took Stanley to watch his daddy in the choir concert.  It was the first time that Stanley had met the choir members.  The last time I went to choir was 5 days before he was born.

M's birthday: 

Looking cute: 

Three months: 

Stanley can now also grab toys!

14 weeks: Yesterday! Stanley now weighs 12lb 2 oz, so his weight gain is slowing. He is on the 9th Centile so is quite a diddy baby for his age.  I also got him some cream from the health visitor as I think he's inherited his dad's eczema, poor little sausage.

This is today - 1 year since he was created!

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  1. Oh hunnie, I have tears in my eyes. Out of all our friends, this has been the most special journey I have had the pleasure of being a part of :) Stanley is gorgeous, and the spit of his Daddy xx