About Me

Hello! I am Waiting for Stanley and Lucy!  My husband (Mr Waiting, or M) and I have been trying for a baby since September 2009.  You can see our journey so far on the "Our Wait so far" tab.  This blog was started in February 2011 as an outlet for my feelings as well as documenting our journey to parenthood.  It's not been an easy journey so far and I don't believe it will be easy from here on in.  But I would like your company while I wait for my children.

I am 28 years old and a secondary school teacher.  Apart from Mr Waiting's sperm problems (and me having a possible Polycystic Ovary picture?) we are an otherwise healthy young married couple.  I love my family, languages, travel, reading, writing, books, music, amateur dramatics, my cat, and talking to my many friends in my little online community.  Without the support of these girls I am not sure I would be still smiling today.