Thursday, 6 October 2011

Now 16 weeks (and a day!)

Long time no blog!

Apologies to any would-be readers for my complete lack of posting for a month! We are now 16 weeks pregnant.  It's unbelievable to think that I have a little baby inside me still.  It is still very surreal - I can't believe still that we are going to be parents.  I pinch myself very regularly and have fits of excitement, especially when alone in the bathroom where no one else can see me do a happy dance!

I am starting to show now and am pretty much in maternity clothes, mostly for comfort.  I do think I'd still be able to squeeze into some clothes that I still have but when I've tried I've been very uncomfortable.  A friend of mine also loaned me her maternity clothes which is so lovely! Not to mention useful! As for my own maternity clothes purchases I have one pair of jeans and two pairs of leggings which I live in, a maternity dress that I can wear now and grow into, another dress which although isn't maternity will fit my growing shape, a jumper, and a work shirt - I tried on and wore a size ten one from my wardrobe the other day and it was ever so tight in the tummy and boob department (especially the boobs!).

So, Here is my growing bump!

12 weeks:

12+4 weeks:

14 weeks:

14+ 4 

15 weeks

16+1 weeks

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