Thursday, 1 September 2011

Less than a week until the 12 week milestone!

 So today I'm somewhere over 11 weeks! It is amazing that I've got this far as I could never imagine being in double figures, never mind being close to the famous 12 weeks.  Not that I'll rest mentally after that I think... maybe I'll have a small sigh of relief after the scan but I don't expect the anxiety to suddenly disappear.

The bump hasn't grown much but I will add 10 week and 11 week pictures anyway just so that you can see progress.

10 weeks
11 weeks

So as you can see there isn't really any growth but I don't expect to have a proper bump for a fair few weeks yet.  Indeed if I'm following a regular pregnancy then my uterus won't be popping out until week 12 when it should be able to be felt in my tummy pushing past my pubic bone.

Symptoms this week:

  • Really bad headaches. Bordering on my migraine experiences.  I've had to buy cooling pads, 4head roll on stuff and a cool ice pack.  I have taken paracetamol and it did seem to actually do something this morning so this is progress.  And it triggered off some sickness this morning.
  • A bit of nausea at times... and retching!
  • Smells. *gags* I seriously cannot stand some. 
  • Today, mild cramping ... which is quite worrying.
  • Copious amounts of cervical mucus (hereby shorten to CM!) in varying shades...
  • Um, the beard is back and is mostly on my NECK.  This is not good. 
Good things this week: 
  • Seeing my lovely sister after 5 weeks away! 
  • Finding out I have another bump buddy - a friend who is a week behind
  • Reaching 11 weeks, of course!
  • Going into school to get some things sorted - feel better for the start of the year on Monday.
  • Seeing some work people on GCSE results day
  • The GCSE results that my kids got - I am so proud of them (and quietly chuffed with myself).
Bad things this week: 
  • The headaches - monopolising most things!
  • People gossiping.  My boss at work has told someone else about the pregnancy (I found out by being congratulated by the other person!).  To make matters worse I hadn't even told my boss myself, someone else had let slip! To make it even worse, she was discussing my pregnancy with colleagues to decide about my maternity leave of all things.  I was only 10 weeks and by no means out of the woods and as such I was very very angry and upset.  However, I fail to put this forward in confrontational situations and ended up feeling like I was over-reacting.  In my opinion, it doesn't matter that "other people know" about the pregnancy, it's my prerogative to tell people should I wish to, not the right of others!

How is baby doing this week? 
How big is that? I'm impressed that it is fitting inside me with no bump! Ok, I know I have a 'bump' but it's definitely bloat/fat as it's far too squidgy to have a baby in and frequently pops back in at times!

"The growth of your baby is phenomenal now and your baby's length will double in the next three weeks. The head is grossly out of proportion and is almost half of the baby's length. 

You are almost at the end of your first trimester and while changes continue to occur quickly in your baby, they are happening at a slower rate in you. Your uterus has been growing with the fetus inside of it and is now almost big enough to fill your pelvis. Your uterus may be able to be felt in your lower abdomen, above the middle of your pubic bone. You are not able to feel the baby moving inside of you at this time. You might also be noticing changes in your hair, fingernails, or skin around this time. Some women notice an increase in hair growth and nail growth during pregnancy and others lose small amounts of hair. You are burning up calories at a faster rate than you did before you became pregnant! The amount of blood being pumped around your body will increase and you might feel warmer than usual. 

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