Thursday, 18 August 2011

9 weeks today! (Well yesterday now!)

And here are some bump pics!

7 weeks                                                                                                
7 weeks
8 weeks!
9 weeks
9 weeks

I definitely think the bump has got bigger this week! I know that realistically it is just bloat as the baby is the size of a green olive now and is still in my pelvis but I definitely look pregnant!

I went into town this week and decided to get some loose longer tops for work in September.  I'll only have to hide it for a week or two but I don't want people guessing before I'm ready to tell.  The fact that people may not have seen me for nearly 10 weeks due to the OHSS illness they may notice a difference!  I also got some flat work shoes this time... I usually wear a small heel but I thought flats were more sensible since I have hip-ache still.

So, how've the symptoms been?

  • noticeably darker hair on body - facial hair and tummy hair in particular.  :(
  • feeling sick on and off
  • dry retching frequently - usually triggered by smells. Smells - ugh.  Or the sights of things 
  • constipation. Yep, lovely.

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