Friday, 8 April 2011

A meeting with the big boss man

In anticipation of being off work so much I decided to arrange a meeting with the Head Teacher of the school where both my husband and I work.  I was well prepared for the meeting.  I'd found an example schedule from someone online at my hospital's section so I brought this with me.  I think the Head and other staff were shocked at the amount of time off I will need.  This is what I gave him:

Week commencing 9th May:
Cycle Day 3-4 blood test (Monday, (Wednesday) or Friday from 8am-9am in James Cook).
*Medication starts.

Week commencing 23rd May:

Appointment to learn how to inject (it will be on a Monday (Wednesday )or Friday).

*Start injections.

Week commencing 30th May: (Scheduled, at present, to be in the holidays)
Baseline scan (longer appointment on a Monday, (Wednesday) or a Friday.)
Regular blood tests after about a week/10 days of 1st type of injections (could be later) - (on a Monday, (Wednesday) and Friday)

*Start 2nd additional type of injections

Weeks commencing 6th June:
Blood tests every Monday (& Wednesday) and Friday morning 8-9 am.

Week commencing 13th June: 
Appointment for scan (about ten days later after start 2nd injections). If responding properly, egg collection operation two days later. If not, continue on injections and more scans until eggs are ready.

Week commencing 20th June:

Egg Collection under heavy sedation (predicted). Both Matthew and I are required to attend.
A couple of days to recover from the operation, following consultant advice.

Three to Five days later, possibly running into the week commencing 27th June:
Embryo Transfer procedure (Matthew also required to attend). From this procedure I am considered pregnant until proven otherwise at a test after two weeks.

I also said that this is not set in stone, that this will change depending on how I respond to drugs and how any embryos develop.  The head still wanted to know more detail and asked if I could put this schedule onto my teaching timetable to see how it would affect things.  Obviously I told him that this was impossible, which he did accept.  

It was strange talking to your boss about the most intimate details of your life.  He asked when I would know if it would start.  I had to say "On day 3-4 of my next period".  He looked a bit sheepish.  He said that he would give me a week's paid leave (5 working days) but that these days could be taken in hour slots if needed.  This is much more than the recommended two days from the local authority (which states that any additional time should be taken as annual leave or flexi time, but as a teacher that's impossible!).  However, he said that M's leave would be unpaid.  Now, we disagreed with this as, as an individual employee, he is also entitled to two days paid leave.  Hopefully that situation will rectify itself. We can't deny that he has been generous.  They did say that we were the first case that they've had to deal with, at least in the time that they've worked there and been in charge.  So we're kind of setting a precedent for others.  

The whole idea was to try and minimise stress, but I'm not sure if it's done that yet.  I do feel like I can phone up and they will understand more, so that's good.  Also, the cover supervisor said that if she doesn't have to cover my teaching then she won't put it down as part of the accrued time which is excellent.  Also, as I don't work Wednesdays then any appointments that fall on those days won't count.  I will also take off any time that I need post egg collection and embryo transfer as either self-certified sickness or get a Dr's note. 

So that's the last few days' update! We've broken up for the holidays now - thank goodness! Still on the wait for AF but she's knocking at the door!  I'm still fluctuating on the mood front.  Today I've had moments of worry and fear that it won't work.  I said to M that in a year maybe we will have Stanley and Lucy and we will all be off the Easter Holidays.  He just said "possibly".  I found that scary that it's only possible, not definite.  But we'll see. I am hopeful.  I have to be hopeful.  Stanley and Lucy are on their way, one way or another.  We just have to wait.  And be patient...

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