Saturday, 23 April 2011

When I turn 28

I'm 27.  I will be 28 in October.  My mum had me when she was 27 and for some reason I always thought I'd follow in her footsteps and have my first child at 27.  I never planned it like that. In fact, if I hadn't have lost my first pregnancy I would've been 26.  Now I will be at least 28 when I have my first child.  At least.  I'm hoping it's not more, or much more.  I'm not sure  I could stand it if I was one of the most unlucky kind of infertiles who go for ten, twelve, more years waiting for their miracle baby.

If IVF works first time I will be 28 when pregnant, 28 when baby arrives.  Therefore, when I'm 28 things will be great.

I heard this song at the end of the film "Whip it!" and it really struck me with the lyrics.  Here they are:

When I Turn 28

Here it comes.
Guess for years I have tried to calm
What's inside me but something's wrong.
I don't know what to say
To give me away.

The dream's the same:
I'm alone on a moving train.
Wake up here and I can't complain,
And there's the first mistake
I tried not to make.
Next time I'm around that's a habit to break
When I turn 28.
Things are gonna be great at 28.

So don't sit so close.
Can't you see that I'm already yours?
Every day I've been living indoors.
Tell them I was brave.
Tell yourself the same.
Tell everyone that I plan to go straight
When I turn 28.
Things are gonna be great at 28.

They said that I would get used to the change
But I can't keep my eyes on the page.
Shouldn't be writing these songs at my age.
The candle's lit
Waiting patient for me to sit,
But none of last year's clothes still fit,
And I keep waiting for you to enter the room.
I made my wish let me give it to you
When I turn 28.
Things are gonna be great at 28.

At 28, tell everyone they'll just have to wait
When I turn 29.
Things are gonna be fine at 29.

Lyrics by Lorene Scafaria.

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