Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Things are going quickly!

Yesterday we had an appointment at the hospital to learn how to inject.  At least I thought that was all it was really but it was much more and we were there nearly two hours  (including prescription pick up time).  When we arrived I didn't realise I was supposed to let someone know I was there as with blood tests you don't have to but luckily someone noticed us!

Our nurse Alison came and gave us some admission forms to fill in.  It feel weird being "admitted" into hospital today, though I realise that they are for later! I've never been admitted into hospital before.   We then went through to her little room and had to fill in some more consent forms.  This time they were for whether we want to freeze any spare embryos (yes) and what we want to happen to those embryos if Mr Waiting were to die.  Mr Waiting decided that he would allow me to use them if I wished and that if the worst were to happen then I could at least have the possibility of it should I want to.  This led into a discussion about the embryos and how if we later used a frozen one then it could be years old when it gets used.  They store them for a maximum for ten years, in which time I will only be 37, but the embryos will be 27 or created with eggs/sperm that are 27 years old so they will be of young-egg quality.  It is reassuring that even in 10 years I will be still 'ok' fertility-wise.  Yes, it's older and fertility declines rapidly after 35 but I could still conceive then and that's in 10 years.  Hopefully, though, in ten years' time I will have a couple of lively children!

Eventually we got chatting about the injections and she showed me what I have to do.  I had a go with a pretend bit of flesh (it didn't hurt a bit!).  Then she said I must take them at exactly the same time so I've decided that I will take them at 8 or 8:30.  This could pose a problem when I go to the Take That concert though but she did say that as long as I did it before then  it wouldn't matter on that day as it's just a one off.

The next steps are continue taking the pill until the 5th of June.  Start the injections on the 29th of May (this coming Sunday, when I'm in charge of 50 kids in France! That'll be fun then...!).  I also got given the metformin so I started taking that yesterday too.  It can give you an upset tummy and I have felt a bit sick and crampy but that could actually be normal or due to nerves and stress (had a hell of a week at work this week what with an internal review!).

Talking of internal reviews I had my uterus measured yesterday with a trial cannulation.  I measured '6' (centimeters I presume!).  It was really not pleasant and felt like bad period cramps to the point when I couldn't talk through them.  She had to do it twice too to make sure of the measurement.  I bled a little this morning, which I sort of expected - you don't get someone prodding about in your womb with a big, long stick without expecting some sort of fall out!

The next thing I have to wait for is the period that I will get once I stop taking the pill.  I have to then phone the hospital for the baseline scan and go in for bloods.  Then, apparently, the side effects of the buserelin kick in place as the pill prevents them for a few days after you stop taking it.  Expect to be moody, upset, cranky .... Mr Waiting may as well move out as a preventative measure!

I'll upload a picture for you of my 'travel' injection kit for France and the of my newly acquired sharps' bin!

And here's my cute sharps' bin.

And, as a couple of extras, the blackbirds' nest that is hastily being worked on in the garden, and a rose from the rose bush that the BaBs ladies got for me in memory of my mum (it's the first flower this year).

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