Sunday, 3 July 2011

6 days past egg collection, 4 days post embryo transfer

Not that I'm counting.
Our little embryo should be a blastocyst by now.  This is a picture of a hatching and implanting blastocyst.    I hope that our little four cell embryo has now made this stage.  I talk to it every now and then, as does Mr Waiting, who also prods my tummy and kisses it.  I have had some sensations which could amount to something and nothing.  Yesterday I felt sharp pains low down in where I imagine my womb to be and had a few cramps.  Of course, these could be unrelated, constipation/wind, or residual from egg collection or embryo transfer.  Then today I had a speck of blood (I'd stopped spotting from egg collection by Thursday) and I was hoping that it was implantation bleeding but really, it was that small it could've been anything.  Still, there's no harm in hoping.

Being genuinely 'in' the two week wait is weird. I don't know how to feel. I don't know how to be optimistic or how not to become anxious and worry.  I keep thinking "why won't it work?" after all this is maybe the only time (since the miscarriage) that there's been an embryo in me.  Maybe this is the time it will stick in there and make itself at home.  I hope so.  Make yourself at home embryo.

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