Sunday, 10 July 2011

OHSS is not fun

So it's been only a mere four days since I posted and what a four days it's been.  I can honestly say I feel awful.  I went to work on Thursday as normal but by the end of the day was feeling a bit sore and swollen - I had to unbutton my trousers under my work shirt! In the evening I noticed my tummy looked distended a bit.  I felt really uncomfortable but (silly me) still went to the school leavers' prom.  I was lucky that the dress I had hid my newly-appeared 'bump'.  I was feeling ok but a little sore.  I had phoned the hospital who said that it didn't sound too serious because I was breathing alright but to ring again in the morning to update them.  When I work up on Friday I was feeling more swollen and in pain.  I was free first two lessons and I tried to call the nurses for a couple of hours but there was no answer.  By this point I was crying at work.  Eventually I got through and they said to come down to see the consultant at 1:30pm.  This meant I had to ask work for cover. I still had to teach my Year 7s period three(!) so stuck on a French DVD as I couldn't do much more.

When I go to the hospital the consultant examined me and said there was evidence of fluid and he ordered bloods.  I also got 'told off' for going to work and driving myself there.  I had to wait between 2-3 hours for the blood results. When they came back the consultant said that my clotting factor was high and that I would need heparin to thin my blood.  He said that I could be admitted or treated at home and I preferred to be admitted as I was feeling so rough.

They found me a bed in a side room so I had my own private room with ensuite which was great. I had to monitor fluid intake and out (vomit included, sorry!).  They measured me under my bust and it was 81cm - not sure how much bigger it is than normal! They took my weight and I am now 9 Stone 4lbs..... which I know is more than I used to be... I was 8 Stone 12 when we started fertility investigations in December.  I started being sick after I'd eaten the tea they gave me. It was actually lovely - fish and chips with cake and custard - but I clearly ate far to much for my tummy to handle. Mr Waiting came and stayed for a while and brought my stuff. I was impressed with what he'd brought with him, the only problem being the 'deodrant' was 'intimate' body spray from years ago rather than my regular deodrant.

The pain was pretty bad but I somehow have developed a strong gag-reflex and find swallowing tablets hard. Mr Waiting fell asleep in the chair next to me! I made him leave shortly after and told him to get some bad food for himself for tea to cheer himself up.  The nurses were all lovely.  The Dr was a bit scary but I only saw her a couple of times.  I couldn't sleep well during the night because I kept being disturbed by the nurses to tell me the Dr was prescribing more drugs or that she'd be round soon.  At about 1am I had an anti-sickness tablet and the heparin/Clexane injection (I think the nurse forgot to give it earlier!).  I think I managed a couple of hours sleep but it was difficult because I keep jumping and getting startled by noise and by seeing a nurse stand by my bed in the dark - quite a scary sight if you are not used to it.

In the morning I was given an antiemetic injection into my leg which really stang! I then managed/forced myself to eat a sausage and a piece of toast (I made a sausage sandwich!) and a cup of tea.  I was all for not drinking tea during the two-week wait but in hospital they said it was fine and it was a nice change from the copious amounts of water I was forcing down.  I managed to keep that down thanks to another anti-sickness tablet.

Originally the ward Doctor told  me I was to stay in another night but later my consultant visited and said that I could be monitored at home until I had a scan on Monday (tomorrow).  Mr Waiting came to collect me at about 3pm after begging a lift of my cousin's boyfriend (trust all this to happen when my dad is away!).  I hobbled my way to the car and back to bed at home.  I was sick again later on (I fear my beef hula hoop craving may now have disappeared...)

Mr Waiting is at a rehearsal all day today for the school show which  is this week but will be going to pick up the heparin injections later.  I won't be returning to work now until September most likely and I will pick up a sick note on Monday when I go for my scan.  My Grandparents are taking me for the scan as Mr Waiting has to work (or it will be unpaid!).  I don't mind at all but it did mean I had to come clean about what's been going on.  They knew we were having IVF some time soon and kept asking but I just said I didn't know when it would start.... feel bad for lying but they understood why. So they are taking me tomorrow but I won't know the time until the morning.

So that's it for now.  My tummy is harder and distended and my belly button has changed shape at the top.  I still feel nauseous a lot of the time (accompanied by wretching) and can't seem to eat properly at all.

In other news, I have a new baby nephew and I can't wait to meet him! I best go, this has taken me such a long time to write.

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