Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Day 11 of Buserelin and hello Aunt Flo!

I took my last pill on Monday and so AF arrived today.  I phoned the hospital to arrange my baseline blood test and scan.  They have scheduled it for next Wednesday (which is good as I don't work on Wednesday!).  The reason for this is because I won't have been on the Buserelin for at least two weeks if they scan me this week and I go onto the stimulation drugs.  This means that they have pushed back our egg collection week til the 27th of June.  This is fine, well, except implicating on a hen weekend I'm supposed to be going on....!

I doubled the dose of the Metformin as instructed a week ago.  On the Wednesday I felt shaky and sick, Thursday and Friday were better.  I didn't take the second dose on Saturday as I didn't want my Take That concert to spoiled! Sunday I did and was fine but Monday when I went to work I had to come home because I was violently sick half way through teaching Year 7s.  The cover lady (who is very good and usually understanding) said something about "having to get a supply teacher in" and seemed unhappy, which annoyed me. It's not like I want to feel ill.  Would it be so hard to say "It's ok, get yourself off home"?  When I got home I phoned the hospital and they told me to just take the one tablet a day and I feel ok on them, except feeling wobbly and shaky at times and needing to eat! I am worried though that only taking one tablet will reduce the chances of it working out ok and might increase the risk of me getting OHSS.  I just need to see what happens and accept it.  

I've thought about Stanley and Lucy and awful lot over the last couple days... thinking of middle names, being pregnant with them, telling people. I can't believe that we're at this stage.   Maybe in a few weeks I "won't believe" we're at the next stage. Pregnancy.  How amazing would it be to be pregnant in a few weeks?  How wonderful a feeling.  I'd love to be able to tell my dad that he's to be a Grandad.  This is what my dreams are made of.  I dream of these things coming true, but always with a lot of reservation.  At present I am feeling quietly confident.  Am I over-confident of success? I hope not, but I can't help thinking I am.  My next-door neighbour just told me of her friend's success - they had surgical sperm extraction on top of ICSI too.  Her friend is 12 weeks.  How amazing!  It does work.  If it can work with surgical extraction then it can work for us too right?  This is what I hope for every single day. 

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  1. I hope this for you both too. Thinking of you both lots and lots over the coming days xx