Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Feeling full and fat

Today I am really uncomfortable.  My tummy, although looking almost normal, is really tender.  I feel fat and swollen.  My trousers are really tight.  When I sit down or stand up it's as if I was already pregnant in the way that I'm moving.  I was even sick today because my stomach was clearly so full by eating that it couldn't cope.  The good news is, though, my head ache has gone!

Yesterday I had to reduce the dose of the drugs to one and a half powders, or 0.75ml of the fully mixed solution.  This was a bit fiddly for me to do, just after I was starting to get confident with these second injections.  They want me to do the full two powders this evening though.

Tomorrow I'll be back at the hospital for another blood test and no doubt another bruise to add to my collection of rather spectacular bruises.  I think they will make me reduce the dose as I feel like I'm filling up fast.  Having said that, I don't know really how I'm supposed to feel.  Maybe this is normal.  I do know that I'm worrying about OHSS.

This post has taken me an hour to write! Due to me being distracted by watching the programme "Four of a kind" (identical quad girls!).  I found it totally fascinating! I couldn't imagine there being another two of me and my twin sister!

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