Saturday, 18 June 2011

Day 4 of Menopur, Day 21 of Buserelin, Day 6 of bad headache

Side effects being currently experienced:

Headache.  Six days (possibly longer).  Incidentally I also quit caffeine (tea, I don't tend to drink coffee) on Sunday but even then I usually only have a couple of cups a day and I doubt it would make this much impact on me!

Weakness.  Feeling a bit wobbly on my feet and need to sit down/lie down all the time.

Tiredness.  I've never felt tiredness like it.  I feel like I could stay in bed constantly.

Tummy troubles.  Enough said.

Oh and twinges in what I imagine are my ovaries!


I'm trying to be good and have high protein foods for all those little egglets that are growing inside me. So I've been eating cottage cheese (which is apparently very high in protein), chicken, minced beef, cheese, lots of vegetables, mixed beans, and even brazil nuts (which I actually hate but they have good stuff in them - yesterday I ate a brazil nut and rewarded myself with a small bite of galaxy (though I know I shouldn't have chocolate realllly!).

How I'm feeling

I switch between excited and happy and sad and panicky.  When Mr. Waiting puts his hand on my tummy I think of all those follicles growing and feel affection for all 26 of them.  I will them to grow big and strong for their mum and make lots of embryos and ultimately Stanley and Lucy.  But then I think of the percentage chances, think of my sister-in-law who is going to give birth in a couple of weeks and I feel desperately sad and worry that this is as far as we'll get to becoming parents; that we'll never experience the joy of pregnancy and eventually parenthood.  It really is so up and down.

In a week I'll be heading for egg collection.  It  is weird that this is actually happening to me.  I'M going through IVF.  I am experiencing all of this.  It's gone so fast to get to this point. I'm still in disbelief that it's actually happening to me.  Maybe I'll be in disbelief still when I get a BFP. When, not if.  (The Power of Positive thinking!).

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