Thursday, 23 June 2011

Nearly there

Egg collection is fast approaching now.  I can't quite believe it's really here.  Well, almost.  Tomorrow I'm at the hospital for another date with dildo-cam.  I'll get to see how much my 26 follies have grown! I hope there are still as many as last week and that they are growing their eggs nicely.  On Wednesday I had another blood test and got told to reduce to 1.5 vials of menopur for today and yesterday.  I'm feeling marginally better than yesterday when I spent the whole day on the sofa and I felt really sick, especially in the morning.  I can still feel my ovaries and I'm thinking that the scan tomorrow may be uncomfortable.

Today I had acupuncture and I spent a while visualising my positive test and the end result (I did also picture briefly the negative result but put it out of my mind quite quickly).  Positive thinking - got to try and keep positive!

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