Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Thankful for lovely friends

After a down couple of days I received a big parcel from an unknown friend.  As soon as I sat it down on my kitchen table the tears came.  I couldn't believe that someone who I'd never met could be so unbelievably lovely.  From the postcode it took me a couple of hours to work out which lovely lady it came from.  And what a lovely lady she is.  Despite going through a difficult time herself, she has made a very down person very very happy indeed.  I am still overwhelmed by it all and keep welling up when I see the things from it.

I thought I'd share the things that were in it.

I have already used several of the items.  I now carry the two little babies (my Stanley and Lucy) in my bag with me to all my appointments.  I also used the crossword book and pen whilst waiting for a scan today.  And I have great plans to use all the smelly goodies.  I am saving the socks to wear for egg collection.

From someone who I have never met this is truly overwhelming and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

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